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The Writing Roadmap is a mandatory course for all students participating in exchange programs for the Office of International Affairs.

TIME: 7-9 Sessions (Average) 20-minute sessions

CLASS: One-to-One tutoring with English speaking Tutor


 1  Diagnostic

The diagnostic is a writing task that is used to assess a student's English writing skills. It is divided into three specific areas:

  • Essay Planning

  • Essay Structure

  • Proofreading

Each focuses on a number of elements to help tutors better target their feedback. Students are given a score out of 100 points.




Students work one-on-one with an IWC tutor using the official IWC Course Workbook and the IWC Course online classroom.

There are 5 MODULES to the Writing Roadmap course:

MODULE 1 Topic & Thesis 

In this MODULE, students select a Topic provided by the IWC and begin developing a Thesis Statement

MODULE 2 Focus & Planning

In this MODULE, students learn to narrow their ideas and begin organizing ideas for supporting their Thesis

MODULE 3 Introduction Paragraph

In this MODULE, students learn to write the first paragraph using a "hook" sentence and establishing their position about the Topic

MODULE 4 Supporting Paragraphs

In this MODULE, students learn to write the second and third paragraphs, using examples and details to support their Thesis

MODULE 5 Conclusion Paragraph

In this MODULE, students learn to write the final paragraph, summarizing the essay and offering their expectations about the future of the Topic


  3   Complete Essay


Students apply what they learned in the MODULES and rewrite their paragraphs into a complete essay.


  4   Final Exam


Final Exams will be given when the student has completed all Modules and their tutor approves their work.


  6   Certificate


Students earn a Certificate of Completion for passing the Final Exam. This certificate is valid for all years the student is enrolled at KNU.