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Mentorship Training Manual
Step-By-Step Instructions for Teaching + IWC Policies and Procedures

Mentors at the IWC primarily teach the IWC programs but are further responsible for other areas of teaching and maintenance. They may include and are not limited to:


Mentoring (Teaching)


Talk Now (Prep Course)

  • Guide students through the speaking program. Details on the Talk Now tab.

Writing Roadmap (Prep Course)

  • Guide students through the college-level writing program. Details on the Writing Roadmap tab.

Write Track

  • Guide students through the descriptive writing program. Details on the Write Track tab.

Just Talk

  • Guide students through the basic conversation activities. Details on the Just Talk tab.


  • Check and review.

Motivation Letter (Study Plan)

  • Check requirements and content.


  • Check English writing assignments, cover letters, job applications.

Be Careful

  • The IWC does not offer editing services to graduate students or academic and research papers.

    • Note: graduate students are allowed to join any courses, however they MUST follow the IWC policies.​



Mentor (Non-teaching)


Occasionally, the Director may ask for your help in reading over program-specific documents. Furthermore, there may be additional documents or projects you can be a part of.



All Mentors are responsible for keeping the center clean and presentable. Vacuuming, waste disposal, dusting and cleaning are required weekly. Don't wait to be told.



While you are not with a student, a Mentor MUST be ready for any student coming into the IWC. Whenever ANYONE walks into the center, stand up and greet them warmly.



Log your total hours on the Mentor Homepage ( at the end of each shift. Payday is typically around the 17th of each month. Pay is handled through the OIA.



You are responsible for learning and knowing all the programs and policies of the job. Stay informed, train hard, and ask questions often. If you have any questions, ask the Team Leader first.



This is a job. The IWC operates as a department of education at KNU and it is your duty to look and act professionally while working. Respect your co-Mentors, students, staff, and members of the OIA.

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