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Modern Day Sports and Clubs at University

It seems to me that playing sports at university is popular and lots of people enjoy it. Baseball, football and golf seem especially favoured. It is interesting to compare the popular sports in Korea to the most popular sports in other countries. As a foreigner, I like to talk to others about these things; for example, in the UK, football is the most popular sport and so many people are dedicated to it. Football (Soccer) is so popular in Europe that people travel all around the world to watch their favourite teams play. Also, motor sports are very popular these days; For example, F1 has been widely supported in Europe for years but it has grown in popularity all over the world. The drivers race in different countries such as Japan, Mexico, China and Australia.

There are so many sports clubs at KNU and I think it’s great that there are so many options available for students' interests. Last week KNU students promoted their clubs on campus, and there was a lot of music and the weather was great! Did you join any clubs? It is a good way to keep active, meet new people and take a break from the stress of assignments and exams.

Personally, when I go back to my hometown in the UK, I like to watch sports with my dad because it is something we are both interested in. I think that motor racing is a really great sport! The triathlon is also really entertaining; the participants have to swim, ride a bike and then run to the finish line. It takes a lot of training, and it is a big accomplishment for someone who does it for the first time. A lot of work goes into playing sports; don’t you admire people who train for hours for competitions? There is a lot of mental and physical strain that athletes go through.

There is also a controversial question of whether dance is a sport. I believe it is! Dancers put just as much effort into their training; the endless hours of physical training and sacrifices that they make are no different to sports like football and taekwondo, but what do you think? Do you think dance is a sport? 

Useful Vocabulary

Dedicated (Adjective) – put a lot of energy into something you believe is important

(Tri)athlon (Noun) – Tri means three, a type of sporting event that indicates three different sports, such as running, cycling, and swimming

Strain (Noun) – something that negatively affects something or someone; a burden

Controversial (Adjective) - likely to cause a discussion/debate

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