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The famous International Writing Center is looking to promote itself to the many students of KNU, as well as making an unperishable visual souvenir of the Center for years to come. The goal is not merely promotion, but more to conduct an artistic project, with the hope of inspiring others to start learning English.

For you, the experience will consist of a few interviews in parallel of your prep course. The idea is to follow you through your learning process. You will need to speak a little about yourself, but mostly to comment on your tasks during this experience at IWC, how you feel about it, what is has taught you etc...


The goal is to open up and share you personnal experience to someone who is interested about the program. This opportunity will allow you to improve your English level by a lot, considering you will have a few recording sessions with foreigners. It is an enriching experience, that will allow you to build confidence and feel more comfortable in English-speaking environments!

If you are interested or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, using the form down below.


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