Monday ~ Friday

10:00 - 5:00

Where is the IWC?

  • Global Plaza:

    • Room 618 (Director's Office | Team Leader)

    • Room 521 (Tutoring)

How much does it cost?

  • Nothing. Our services (see next) are free.

What services does the IWC provide?

  • The IWC primarily works with students applying for international exchange and internship programs though the Office of International Affairs (OIA). These students are required to complete:

    • Writing Roadmap - College-Level (Non-Academic Research) Essay Writing Course

    • Resume and Study Plan review

  • We provide assistance for Office of International Affairs in conducting Diagnostic writing exams

  • We provide assistance to the KNU Dean's office in preparing English documents and correspondence.

Is the IWC an editing service?

  • No. Our courses are designed only to develop writing English writing skills through feedback and facilitation in IWC programs with specific goals.

  • We do not offer "walk-in" editing on documents or homework outside IWC courses (Contact the IWC Program Director for further information).

  • We do not assist Graduate and Phd students.

What should I bring to my appointment?

  • If you participating in the Writing Roadmap, you MUST bring your Work File and all documents prepared and edited during all sessions.

  • If you are preparing a resume or study plan, you must bring in a first draft before we can offer feedback (we will of course assist in any way possible).

How often can I make an appointment?

  • You may make ONE appointment a day. Each appointment is 20 minutes.

  • You may make an appointment 14 days in advance.

  • Three missed (not cancelled) appointments will deny you access to make an appointment for one month.

Can I cancel an appointment?

  • Yes. Please cancel your appointment at least 90 minutes before the scheduled time.

Can I print my work at the IWC?

  • No. We are not a printing station. There are plenty of printers available on and off campus. We suggest the library, which is nearby the IWC.

May I request a specific tutor?

  • If the tutor you wish to work with is available, you may schedule an appointment with them.