about me

What do you want us to know about you?

Hello! My name is Kacper Zając. I am (or was at the time of writing) a 22 years old student from Warsaw, where I study computer science at Warsaw University of Technology. However, originally I am from a small city called Olsztyn. It's not very interesting so I do not recommend checking it out. If you ever get to visit Poland, go to Warsaw! Or Kraków.

In my free time I enjoy wasting time in my room and playing ultimate frisbee. I actually was even a couch of the ultimate team for a while so I had some teaching experience before coming to IWC, which made me even more pumped up.

Professional Growth

What did you learn and/or gain from working at the IWC?

First of all, I need to mention that I worked during the coronavirus thing so we had never talked to our students in person. We communicated solely through emails.

Sooo I've been learning English for quite a while now but without many real opportunities to use it. That made me pretty insecure about actually using it. With the amount of practice that IWC gave me, I definitely got slightly better with at least writing in English. I don't want to brag or anything cause I am sure there are still tons of mistakes in my writing, but still, I got much more confident, for example, writing emails (I wrote few hundreds! I can clearly see how my email writing efficiency improved on the way).
Also, I got more English-confident in general. Every practice is good and teaching practice is even better. It let you think outside the box.

So yeah, English is great! English is truth. Love English!   

Overcoming an Obstacle

Describe a difficult situation that you experienced at the IWC and how you overcame it.

As I said before (did I?), I am not a particularly shy person. I had some experiences with both teaching, as a coach or back in the school when I was helping out kids with math, and working with people. I used to work in a gastronomy back in the days. For instance, being a barista made me talk with hundreds of strangers a week. So again, my biggest, and I believe the only, obstacle was English (or my mindset, not sure yet). I really am not confident about it. But I believe I dealt with it pretty well. I could still help my students a lot and seeing their improvement over time made me really happy!

Tips and Advice

What tips and advice do you have for the incoming interns?

Stay positive, everything's going to be just fine!